I am the asynkronaut

A designer who fell in love with vfx and motion.

Building lively digital contents to help business communicate with other worlds


Getting to know your values

It all starts learning about you, your company, your story, diving deep into your world and your objectives. Before I can properly design for you or join your team, I need to understand why and what we are going to do.

Strategy and research

Based on the outcome of our meeting, it is important to develop a strategy in order to the reach right audience and craft tailored visuals for the film. All while accurately representing your brand and keeping the product aesthetically pleasing and meaningful for your target.

Designing and producing

Once you are pleased with the research and the first designs, I will proceed to build and simulate the cool stuff, crafting satisfying visuals and animations.

Getting it done

After the renders are done, and a little bit of colour correction to make them look prettier, always alongside your approval, it is time to publish the work. Think about me as a business partner, this is not a “goodbye” it’s a “see you soon”.
This website is still under development, it is not fully optimized, some features and cool stuff are missing.
I apologize for possible malfunctions. In the coming weeks a fully operational and improved website will be available. Stay tuned ;)